SIP Phone Provisioning: Yealink

Provisioning Template

Posted by: Henning // 24th Jun 2022 // Category: //

One of our customers bought a bunch of Yealink T53 to use them with AnyNode as SIP Registrar. Of course we did not want to configure all phones (>20) by hand, so I searched the internet for provisioning information of Yealink SIP Phones. I was really suprised by the good documentation I found on the Yealink Website.

In a big [Excel Sheet]( File_V84.xlsx) all configuration options are described and example configurations are provided as well.

I have created a file for the use with AnyNode that get's filled by variables. It is also available on my github: yealink-mac-based-config.cfg

Important information

It is important to either set the "SUB ID" in the provisioning wizard to "1" (or of course 2, 3, 4... if you use more than one account on the phone). Otherwise you can also replace the "{% $user.ANPROV_SUB_ID xml %}" by "1" in the template and use it with just one account.

Side Notes

  1. In this case I used hardcoded information for timezone and user/password. But you can change that to variables if you want.

  2. This template is using NAT-T and STUN.